Gratitude #21 - Pipe Dreams

I am thankful for a clean, clutter-free, organized house.
I've never had one, except once in 2005. But I know what one feels like because I've been to my dad and mom's house. And I'm certain I'd be grateful if my home were similar.

I'm not much for burning scented candles, but I love the ones that are lemon-scented. Their smell at least gives the illusion that my house is clean.

I hope -
my house will be
C L E A N!
One can dream.....


kelli said...

I'll try to find a lemon scent candle for you for Christmas, and one for me while I am at it. I try to keep my house clean, but my kids mess it up in a couple of hours, so now I just give up!!!

LGH said...

Jenni, you are really an organized person. it's just that right now in your life, other things are a higher priority. You're doing what's really the most important.


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