Gratitude #13 - Siblings

I am thankful for my siblings. They keep me laughing, thinking and striving to be better.

Whole family sans Jordan and Janna, Lucy and Anna. Thanksgiving 2007

Camping at a yurt in Oregon, 2003

Couples camping. One of my favorite memories!!!!


Leigh, sister-in-law and baby Sayre

Jeremy doing his thing!

Jordan and Janna

Dr. Jordan on shift
Photo credit: Allen Hackworth

Photo credit: Allen Hackworth

Jeremy, Leigh, Bridger, Oscar. Missing is Sayre.

Justin: self portrait in Las Vegas
Photo credit: Justin Hackworth

Justin, Amy, Eli
Photo credit: Justin

Amy, my sister-in-law
Photo credit: Justin

Justin has hair!
Photo credit: Justin Hackworth

Thanks to Justin for many of these pictures. If you would like beautiful Christmas family portraits...portraits that are as much art as they are photos... he's your man!! You won't be disappointed. Check out his work here.

1 comment:

LGH said...

Jenni, this last picture of Justin is absolutely too funny! He's very clever and a good artist, that;s for sure. And, you are a good writer; you should get together and do a book. Anyway, I loved these pictures and have to agree that you have some mighty impressive siblings. So, now, where's the poem?


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