Gratitude #11 - Candy

Ok. I know it is sort of superficial. But I can't help it. I really am thankful for candy. And I'm thankful candy has improved from the horehound days. Here are some of my favorites:


LGH said...

What an important thing to be grateful for...today we went through our 72 hour kit, and sure enough, there's some candy there...we should be okay.

jen said...

That is hilarious and sounds just like you!

da bunch said...

k what's up with all the foody stuff you're getting me all salivating and then you throw in a stint about the full moon and hind side and scrotal parts and that good feeling is gone. LOL, I must say you are definitely cut out to be a practitioner you vacilate so easily between the two.

And I want to say that I am by no means a domestic queen, I'm just proud of myself for having actually made bread. I am soooooo unexperienced, but I have had no trouble with that bread recipe, although, I am certain there are many many more wonderful, and even better recipies out there. You can contribute your recipe i fyou would like, or just put it on here.

BTW you are super busy and your blog is so fortified with so, so much, now that's what I call a domestic queen, you fit the term better than I.

jen said...

Ha, Ha. Speaking of hinies, you "crack" me up!

I wondered if anyone would notice and/or be bothered by the talk of scrotums along with candy (coincedence?) and other food stuffs.

If you think that is bad, you should sit at our family dinner table. With four of us in the health care profession, we are not bothered to talk about anything with food in our mouths!

Thanks for your kind words.

kristi said...

we like the same things. that's funny.


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