Lemon Water for Congestion

Anything to do with lemons makes me happy. Lemon cheesecake, lemon curd, lemon pudding, lemonade, lemon drops, lemon chicken, lemon-yellow coats, lemon-yellow colored leather purses (unless they have an uncanny resemblance to adipose tissue), lemon cleaning products, lemon-yellow painted walls, documentaries about lemons....

So, here is a great use of lemons. Because flu season is coming! Use this with cough or colds. Can drink daily to help prevent colds and bronchial infections as well.

1 whole lemon or 3 T real lemon juice
8 oz water
Honey to sweeten (never use sugar)


Greg and Heather said...

I am off to make myself some lemon-water. I have had a cold and have been downing honey lemon cough drops, but some lemon water sounds very nice right now!

LGH said...

Don't forget to add the vinegar (according to my dad, at least.)


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