Gratitude #6 - Work

I am thankful Brent and I both have stable employment. What a blessing ! that we don't take for granted. Our family knows what it is like to be unemployed.

And speaking of work, I am grateful to my parents who taught me the value of work, and doing a job well done. I sometimes wish we lived on a farm so my children grew up learning to perform hard physical labor. Course, if we lived on a farm, I might be having to prepare slabs of ham, biscuits n' gravy, newly gathered eggs, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and homemade bread with freshly churned butter on the table for breakfast at the crack of dawn. Okay...nevermind about the farm thing.

But seriously, some of my best childhood memories have to do with work: going with dad to get a cord of firewood from the forest, working on the combine in potato harvest, picking raspberries in the summer, and being a maid at a hotel. I am grateful that I can work, that I know how to do physical labor and that I enjoy it. Work can be either fun or drudgery depending on your attitude.

The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight
But they, while their companions slept
Were toiling upward in the night.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The Briscoe Bunch said...

Jen,thankyou for describing my life on a farm all my growing up years (well the growing up years w/o the kids) anyways you now relized why i got the heck outa there. J/K I love the memories that i also had with my dad and the work ethics that he taught to me. I too am thankful for work that my husband has and the skills that he can do just about anything! We are truly blessed. Hope to keep in touch and i love your creative and fun blog!
Love your fav neice Wendy

Anonymous said...

How true your statement that whether our work is a labor of love or hard labor is all a matter of attitude. When I was 12, I was paid .75 and hour to shovel out waste from lambing sheds. I learned very young that the only crappy job is the job that you don't have.


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