Gratitude #3 - Hearing

I am thankful for the gift of hearing.

Some of my favorite sounds are:

The laughter of my children
My dad laughing in a movie
My friend Mary's laugh
Crickets on a hot summer night
The waterfall in my back yard
A human heartbeat
The coos of an infant
The giggle of a toddler
My children playing music
My dad singing and playing the guitar
A lawnmower early on a sunny summer morning
The return of the birds in the spring
Patter of rain on a tent
Brent or my children complimenting my cooking
Crackle of a fire
An echo in the forest
The ocean
My grandfather Gee's voice
The crack of a bat hitting a baseball
The cheer of the crowd after Landon or Stockton score a goal
The cracking and falling of a tree in the forest
My mom and grandmother Gee reading a story
A band in a parade or at a ball game
Pages turning in a book
The crunching of fall leaves when walking on them
The crunch of eating a crisp ripe apple
The tangy snappy crunch of one of my favorite foods: a pickle
Horses galloping

1 comment:

LGH said...

This is often on my thankful list; what a blessing to hear! It's something that a lot of us take for granted, so it's good to be reminded of what a great thing to be able to HEAR! I absolutely love the sound of people laughing and having a good time. I love your list, too.


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