Gratitude #9 - Books

I am so super duper thankful for BOOKS.

What constitutes a book anyway? Is it still considered a book if it is in electronic format? Even with the advent of Kindle, the internet, downloadable "books" to one's PDA, etc., I hope we will never lose the physical presence of a book. NO Farenheit 451!!

I love the tactile feel of a book in my hand. I love to feel the pages and the cover. And reading them is quite nice also. I am thankful for authors who take time to stimulate our intellect, challenges our ideas, coax us to chuckle and inspire us to improve.

What are some of your favorite books?

I could list some of mine all day, but here is one I especially enjoyed.


Leslie said...

I love these gratitude entries. Reminds me that I should do the same thing. And thanks for your Superwoman comment...I certainly don't feel that way.
And it was YOU who introduced me to Piggie Pie years ago...it is by far our favorite Halloween book. Actually, we read it all year. Along w/ Zoom Broom.
Your fam is gorgeous as always! And getting too big.

LGH said...

Well, I can't list my favorites, but I just finished reading "A TALE OF TWO CITIES." It's definitely a challenging read because of the archaic phrases, etc., but it is an amazingly powerful book. I love Dickens. Usually his books have comic relief; but not in this book...it's very serious. I really liked it a lot. Isn't it so fun to be reading a good book?

LGH said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, that I really want a Kindle! Tactile, smachtile..give me a KINDLE!


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