Photo credits: Salt Lake Tribune

Friday 11/21, our whole family, along with 75% of Hurricane, traveled to the University of Utah Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City for the 3A state football championship: Hurricane vs. Juan Diego. Our stands were full of black and red. Now, imagine: a tied game 18-18. 50 seconds to go. Juan Diego moves the ball up the field. In the last 4 seconds, JD kicked a field goal. After having missed every other field goal in the game, this one wobbly soared through the posts. Sad for us. Happy for the hero that kicked the ball for JD. It was a great game, and our boys have nothing to be ashamed of. They played with heart, tenacity, toughness and grit. In all my years of livin', it was the best high school football game I've ever seen!!

IN OTHER NEWS: There is consolation for the Tigers' loss: THE UTES PREVAIL over that blue school. And how about that Kyle Whittingham? He was so gracious in his press interview at the end of the game. That's how Ute people are!


The Red Sea
Photo credits: Salt Lake Tribune

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LGH said...

Jenni, these are the saddest games to lose, but absolutely the most fun to win. Sorry about the loss, but you were great to go be supportive.


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