Dear Season

Fall leaves, nippy air. Can only mean one thing. Get a tag and hunt. It's dear season.

The boys say: Oh dear...here she comes. I'm outta here.
The girls say: My dear...let me catch you. Have no fear.

Yes. It's time for the annual high school Sadie Hawkin's Dance. Today after school our entire family except Brent was involved in helping Janessa chase and tag Robert Duke. He went down fighting but succumbed, unwounded, at approx. 3:26 pm.

The tag team just minutes before the catch!

Then Janessa went on to help her friends tag Tyler Hinton, Cory Hinton, Tommy Hirschi, Ryan Chandler, Matt Thomas and Ben McCombs. She put a lot of miles on her tennies. That is a busy days' work!

1 comment:

LGH said...

Everybody looks happy, so it must mean that it's a good choice. Way to go, Janessa, family and friends. Now, go have lots of fun this Saturday!


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