Gratitude #19 - Gadgets

Every trade has tools. Brent has more tools in our attached storage facility...I mean, garage...than flies at a zoo. I don't have as many tools. (Now honey…this really isn’t a good time to dicker over trivial things like numbers). But I am so grateful for the gadgets and tools that make my life easier in the kitchen (if/when I ever get time to go in there). I get so much joy from these little tools and the creations that come from using them. So, I have created a list that will hereby be known as:

My Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

1. Tongs: The only other thing in my kitchen that I use more often is the telephone. For years I used cheap tongs and I finally purchased some sturdy stainless steel tongs at Sur-La-Table.

2. Microwave Splatter Covers: I purchased these from an elementary student who was selling things for a school fundraiser. The covers were one of the few non-candy items in the catalog. I just wanted to a) support the kid and b) not buy candy, so I just randomly bought these covers. BEST PURCHASE EVER. They are easy to use and quick to clean up. Then, I don't throw away money using Saran Wrap which IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH when heated anyway. AND, it keeps my microwave clean.

3. Salad Shooter Professional Model: My parents gave this to me for Christmas several years ago. It is my second one because I wore out my first (non-professional) model. When I don't want the packaged taste of pre-grated cheese, I spend the time (ha..that is funny...all in perspective..) to grate my own cheese. Relatively speaking, it is super fast and easy to clean up. It is awesome for making riced potatoes also.

4. Can't beat a Braun for mixing scrambled eggs! Or chopping nuts!

5. Fresh lime or lemon zest makes almost anything taste better. Except maybe hot chocolate.

6. This little mini spatula from Pampered Chef is hands down my favorite spatula and one of the most productive $4 investments you can make. Sturdy and the perfect size. A little too perfect. Makes getting into the brownies a little toooooo easy.....

7. Meat mallet: This is the secret to grilled chicken in my opinion. Pound the breasts flat...they take less time to cook and are more tender and juicy. A fun tool to use...especially if you are PMS-ing....

8. Stainless steel frying pan: It just isn't worth it to buy a cheap pan. And for many things, I don't like non-stick.

9. Microwave bacon pan: This has re-energized my love affair with bacon. Hate to cook it. Hate to clean up after cooking it. Love to eat it, smell it and involve it in soups, beans and various other dishes.. Cooking it in the microwave is slick...and easy clean-up.

10. Toothbrush: handiest little cleaning tool around. Perfect for cleaning all the grime around the lids on liquid soap dispensers.

11. Scissors: Perfect for cutting up credit cards. Oh wait, we are talking about food. Perfect for cutting up cilantro.

12: Instant read thermometer: instant gratification..what can I say.

13. Pineapple slicer: I don't have the one pictured. Mine is cheap. I don't love it just because it is cheap. But I love the concept! This stainless steel one is on my wish list, because my family loves fresh pineapple and requests it about as often as Angelina Jolie is on a magazine cover.

14. Salt and Pepper Mill: Can hardly stand salt and pepper that isn't freshly ground after being spoiled with grinders.

15. Candy thermometer: There is NO way I could make caramels without this puppy. I don't need it often, but when I do: it is vital to the success of my candy.

16. Butter Bell Crock: I have a dear friend, Christina, who always whips up real butter with canola oil in half and half proportions (She was doing this long before the spreadable butters came out!). She did it not only to make the butter spreadable, but for health reasons as well. I did it for awhile, but just have too many other little things to fill my time. Then I bought this black beauty. Now we can spread...REAL BUTTER on our bread.

And last of all:
My children - the handiest tools of all. And I thank them for all the help they give me in the kitchen!!


LGH said...

WEll, you do, indeed, have some handy kitchen gadgets. One that you have that I would like is the bacon thingie...where would be a good place to get one that isn't a cheapie?

jen said...

All of the words in blue are linked to places where you can purchase the item.

jeremy said...

I have this gadget. I used it in seattle. I love it. You should get one.


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