Money Doesn't Grow on Trees and Memory Can't Be Bought or Leased

The other day in clinic I was commenting about my memory. The conversation went like this:

Denise: Do you have teen-agers?

Jenni: Four of them.

Denise: Well, that's your problem right there. Teen-agers definitely cause memory loss.

Then I came home from work and this conversation happened over the course of the evening:

Stockton: Mom, I owe $170 for swimming registration. And then I have to pay $70 at the school to be on swim team. And I still owe money for percussion.

Landon: Mom, Stock and I are out of lunch money. And basketball try-outs are coming up. My basketball shoes are too small. They hurt my feet.

Janessa: Mom, I have to pay $70 for our orchestra dresses. And $28 for the upcoming ETS trip is due. And our FLBA trip is $50. Oh, and violin tuition is due this week ($170).

So here is a title for a parenting book:

My Children Took My Memory and My Money

I have it ready for publication. Here is a sneak peek of the book in its entirety.

PS: Anyone want to hire some teen-agers?


kelli said...

Funny! I love the book, very wise advise. Hey, no wonder you can't travel, all your travel money goes to the kids!

LGH said...

Holy cow! Maybe your farm idea isn't such a bad one after all...you could sell eggs and milk to help pay all those expenses!

Greg and Heather said...

I love that--but am a little concerned that if my memory loss gets worse as my kids get older I'm in a world of hurt! :)


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