Gratitude #18 - Restaraunts

I am thankful for people willing to cook and clean up. I am thankful for the fact that when I don't have time or am too tired, we can still eat by getting in the car and driving to a restaurant. The pioneers didn't have that privilege.

I'll admit it. I LOVE to eat out and I LOVE to try new places. And if I happen to go to the same place twice, I like trying different things on the menu. I have some friends who go to the same restaurant and order the same thing every Friday night. Not my cup of tea. The minute a new eating place opens in town, I am one of the first to make the cash register ring.

While in SLC last week, my friends and I tried a new hip soup, sandwich and cupcake shop called DIVA's. I had a mozzarella tomato sandwich and butternut squash soup. The soup was deeee-vine! Deep gold, flecked with freshly ground pepper chunks, it was smooth, hearty, earthy and seductive. Then I indulged in an after-dinner treat with a pumpkin cream-cheese cupcake topped with caramelized ginger. The cupcake wasn't as good as the soup.

I am thankful for good restaurants!


LGH said...

WEll, this looks like a fun place to eat. I tried a new restaurant today...the Cafe on Main Street. Have you eaten there? I brought a cupcake home for Allen, but I didn't have one. I had a panini.

Greg and Heather said...

I LOVE eating out. It is a luxury to me every time I go out. I also love trying to recreate the different things I order. I love yummy food!

jen said...

Yes, I discovered that place AND their cupcakes. They are some of my favorites. Cupcakes are such a perfect food.

lovely lady lessy. said...

It makes me happy that you like to try new things.

Because trying new things is FUN. NOT scary.

jeremy said...

I also love to eat out. When I lived in Seattle, one day I was walking around Capitol Hill and noticed the many many restaurants and vowed I should start trying one everyday instead of eating at subway all the time. I tried many different places and had a BALL. It takes discipline to try a new place all the time because it is easier to go to the place that is been proven to be good. Have you had Ethiopian before? Anyway, I am working my way down your blog instead of up.


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