So, I was playing around with my Widgets and Gadgets and added something to this blog about being a "Follower." You can see it over there on the right hand side. I don't know what that means exactly...to become my follower. Being a "follower" implies that someone is the leader. I'm busy and the only thing I want to lead right now is music. Easy 4/4 time. In my shower.

(Okay, if you must know. I frequently conduct full symphonic orchestras in front of my bathroom mirror. My name is Jenni Fisher and I am a closet conductaholic.)

I guess having a following is like having a little fan club. Only the good news is that in my fan club you won't be subjected to my singing. I'll spare you that. Whether or not you declare yourself one of my official "followers," I think the concept is wonderful: to pledge our support of one another and remain connected with those we love and admire. Without a web of personal connections in our lives, we are vulnerable to the effects of diminished nourishment.

You [and your energy] feed my soul. Thank you for you love, support and comments.


LGH said...

Jenni, you always have a unique take on things..it's fun to see where you go next.

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I'm a follower of yours as well. I see you have a link to mine already! Thanks!


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