Happy Halloween

Take a walk with me down Fisher's Halloween Lane.

Storybook Halloween, 1998. Sean (Cat in the Hat, age 8), Janessa (Pippi Longstocking, age 6), Stockton (Thing 1, age 4), Landon (Thing 2, age 4).

Don't let the cuteness of Thing 1 and Thing 2 fool you. We chose those characters for a reason!!

Sean, 2002. Age 12

Stockton, 2003. Age 9

Landon, 2003. Age 9

Janessa, 2003. Age 11

2007 (Can you guess who Janessa is?)

Sean and Jerry Robertson, 2007


LGH said...

WOW, how fun, but of the pictures, I wanted MORE, MORE, MORE!

Albertson Family said...

Cute Jenni, I love the costumes for your kids. Thing one and thing two look kinda like Grandpa Fisher, with white hair. They are so cute though.


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