Funny Girl

Barbara Streisand was Funny Girl. Janessa is in close competition.
The other day she was home alone. She was paid a little visit by Mr. G. Normous Spyder. Now, Janessa has met and conquered many challenges...she has mastered a Mozart Violin Concerto. She has memorized all the president's of the US, along with their years in office and political party. She won a competition in Physics for building the strongest, yet lightest tower. So, when faced with her mortal enemy, can you guess what my tough daughter did? She calmly took a picture of it.

Then she frantically called the neighbor!!

(Okay...now here in the story, start singing the song, "I Need A Hero.")
Trevor, the white knight neighbor, jumped on his fiery steed (or in this case, his fiery sneakers) and trotted down the street to our home. Bursting through the door, sporting his shiny head....er...uh, I mean....shiny armamentarium, he slayed the mini intruder looming large in Janessa's mind.

Trevor, thanks for coming to Janessa's rescue.
Funny, funny girl. Funny, resourceful girl.

1 comment:

LGH said...

Janessa, way to make a guy feel manly and strong! You go, girl!


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