Happy Birthday Little Brother

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Jordan and Janessa in Zion

Photo by Justin Hackworth

Today is my youngest brother's birthday. He is an anesthesiologist living in Virginia, but soon will wise up and move back to the West (right, Jordan?). He is a flyfisherman, cook, conniosseur of fine food, shrewd political analyst, techno-gadget geek, loving partner, patient and invested father, supportive son, hilarious conversationalist, brilliant scholar, superb writer, and original thinker. Really, his only weak spot is his unabashed admiration for Bill Clinton, and well...moving to Virgina. But I can look past that and love him just the same!

To reminisce, here is an email he sent out in 2001:

Hello, I just wanted to invite everyone to come to the 2001 ISU Undergraduate Research Symposium this Thursday. There, I will be presenting my research project entitled, "Atmospheric photooxidation of l-dicarbonyls, derived from simply aromatic hydrocarbons."

If you too, have long wondered about the fate and synthesis of our elusive friends, thel-dicarbonyls, now is the chance to have all your questions answered in one concise presentation.

You can check out a great essay he wrote about feeding kids candy at my blog post here.

Happy Birthday Jordan. I love you!!

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LGH said...

Jenni, I love your tribute to Jordan...it's very beautiful. I'm sure that he is appreciative of your kind words. And, I might add, I totally agree!


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