Miss Potter

Having sat in our Netflix Queue for over 6 months, Miss Potter, coming highly recommended by my parents, finally arrived in our mailbox. This movie definitely made my all-time list of favorites. It is clean, wholesome, and family friendly. Beyond that, it is superbly well-done. The lush landscapes of England are a perfect backdrop to the lush character development of Beatrix Potter and the most famous rabbit of all time, Peter Rabbit.

I am not normally a Renee Zellweger fan. She has squinty little eyes. But as Miss Potter, she does a great job and is easy to love. Beatrix has admirable personality traits such as determination, strength, and independence. She is a bit of a loner, though, with her father and imaginary animals being her only friends. Despite this, Beatrix's father, Rupert Potter, is so supportive of his daughter’s artistic talents and imagination. Their relationship is such a tender part of the movie. And of course, I loved seeing Beatrix's drawings which are enchanting and sweet.

Ewan McGregor is wonderful as a timid and under-appreciated neophyte book publisher who is smitten with Beatrix. Their love story is believable and hoped for. And their courtship is so proper. I wish that young adults today were as refined.

I wholeheartedly recommend this movie! Grab some popcorn and plan a movie night.

Photo credits: Movie Shark Deblore


kelli said...

I loved this movie too. I think I also Liked it because when I went to England we actually went to her little house. It was awesome.

LGH said...

This is one of your dad's favorite movies also. He, like, Kelli has also been to her home.

I thought the movie was delightful.

kelli said...

That is because I was with him when we went to her home! It was with the Literary tour from Ricks. Have you guys seen "The Queen" I liked that one too. Also, read any good books lately. I need an updated list of good books.


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