In Dependence

Yesterday I was cleaning out my hard drive. For some reason, I was moving my document folder and suddenly...I seriously have NO idea how this happened...there appeared a little cloud icon by my document folder and then the cloud, along with everything else, just poofed!! Vanished. Banished. ALL...I repeat....EVERY SINGLE ONE of my documents on the computer were gone. Into THE black hole. That same sort of black hole that eats socks in the washing-machine. Trying to remain calm and keep my blood pressure at a reasonable level, I put a phone call into Sean. He was at his biology professor's house for dinner. So I left a message briefly stating my E-MERGENCY and waited and waited!

In the two hour space of time while waiting for Sean to call, I seriously considered:
1. dropping out of school.
2. making a huge assault on my LDL and Triglyceride levels by eating a
cheesecake. Or two.
3. taking Brent and me to Europe to soothe my pain.
4. spitting a bullet at a mouse and causing a concussion. (Hey, that could be the title of a children's book...but that's another story)

Finally, Sean called back. When I explained what had happened, Sean started laughing hysterically.

I said, "Sean, this isn't funny."

Which made him laugh even harder. Gosh, Sean's roommate must have just showed him a New Yorker cartoon at that exact moment.

Once Sean gained composure, he had me enter some kind of weird secret code into the "terminal" and lickety-split my 2 gazillion kilobytes materialized from the black hole. That was the relief of a lifetime!! Or at least since the last time I did this.

I'm telling you that it is risky and scary to be so dependent on a hard drive. By the way, that could be the title of a twangy country song: "My life/wife is all wrapped up in a hard drive."

The moral of the story:
You might think it is going to be about the importance of backing up your computer documents from time to time. But the bigger lesson learned here is this: I stink at coming up with country song titles. And that my son is wonderful even if he laughs in my pain!


LGH said...

Once again, Sean to the rescue!

jeremy said...

do you have the new mac OS. It should back stuff up automatically if you have an external drive.


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