Halloween Party

Last year on Halloween, we had a murder mystery dinner.

To celebrate the opening of the scary new theme park, 16 guests from Hurricane, Utah were chosen by Jack Ular, the owner of Castle Alucard and Vampireland to take a frightening challenge. The challenge was to spend the night in one of the rooms of Castle Alucard (aka Fisher house).

Those who successfully completed the challenge were to be awarded $5,000. Those that tried for the money were Shauni, Shayli and Whitney Spendlove, Justin Edwards, Scott Garrett, Chantelle Whiting, Sean and Janessa Fisher, Jerry Robertson, Shari Leavitt, Jordan Hall, Chance Steglich and Shad Johnson. McKenzie Drawe and Laura Barney, also dropped by.

Once the guests gathered, the butler (aka Sean Fisher) informed us all that Jack Ular had been murdered. The rest of the evening the guests tried to discover who the murderer was. Turns out it was Jerry Robertson, the sneaky snake.

In hosting this event, the kids and I turned our main living space into an old castle, complete with bats, crows, a marble bust I found at Michael's, cobwebs, spiders, framed pictures of the Count and white sheets draped over the furniture. I hung large gothic candelabras on the wall and our lighting came from about 40 candles (which I had been collecting all year) placed all over the room. (So glad we didn't set the place on fire.) I purchased black fabric from Wal-Mart and made black curtains and black tablecloths. One of the table decorations consisted of shriveled heads made from dried apples. We served taco soup, homemade breadsticks, bubbling witch's brew, bloody fingers, monster cupcakes and of course, brains.

It was really a fun evening. Sadly, I don't have one picture of the house or the guests who all came in character costumes. Everyone who came looked fantastic in their costumes. What a shame not to have pictures.

So guess what we are doing this year?

To host your own murder mystery, click here.


Whitney said...

hey that is so cool! that was a super fun party! :) thanks so much for inviting me!

Chantelle Whiting said...

That party was way fun and the food was delicious! Jerry was a sneaky little snake, I never suspected him haha Thanks for letting us come over:)

Janessa said...

Agreed with Chantelle and Whitney, it was fun, and I want to decorate our house like that this year.. bummer I won't be here on Halloween.

LGH said...

I'm certainly glad to see this entry back on your blog...what a fun night it sounds like everyone had.


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