Happy Blirthday

Happy Blirthday. And no, that isn't a typo. It's my way of saying Happy Birthday to my blog, which I just realized is 6 months old. Even though everyone, including giraffes and dogs have blogs, I decided to start one. You can read about it here. I have always been sad about not having a record of my children's magical childhood years. But pining over things you can't change is like climbing a ladder to vacuum the floor.

So, I bought into the staid mantra "better late than never." Now, over 120 posts later, I have been more regular than I thought I would be. Other than this 6 month stint in blogging, the only other thing I have ever done with regularity is wake up each morning. (And my co-workers will question that I've even done that!)

As I look over my blog, I realize that it closely parallels my crazy life right now...a bit eclectic, schizophrenic really. My blog entries are varied. They range anywhere from my inner most thoughts to happenings in our family to pure triviality: a little pop culture to document the day and age we live in and some of the things that strike my fancy.

I have really enjoyed keeping this record. I like typing much better than writing on paper, and the photos add interest. At the end of the year (and in December of each subsequent year), I will submit my blog to be made into a bound book, and voilah! I will finally have a journal.

PS: Once I get my bound journal, I will add a few thoughts / commentary in my handwriting. I think it is fun to read handwritten language. And it is an important part of history. One's personality comes through in their handwriting style, a form of art.


Standita's said...

Jen, your blog entries are so fun. You have a real talent for writing I must say. I hope all is well with you and your family.

Standita's said...
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Anonymous said...

I actually had 5 minutes of down time today so read your blog. You have missed your calling of being a writer/comedian grilfriend….maybe in another life you can write for SNL. Maybe even for Sarah Palin!!! Hope you’re having a good week. Miss talking to ya. Mare

kelli said...

Happy birthday to your blog. I agree. I am going to make mine into a book every Dec. Also. I to find myself writing in it more than I ever thought. I like to write, even if it is sometimes random and sometimes even a little on the boring side.

LGH said...

Happy Birthday, BLOG. I must say I enjoy every entry that you put in...you are a gifted writer.


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