Weekend in Provo

We had a great weekend with Sean. Brent and I relished every minute and enjoyed getting a glimpse into Sean's life as a BYU Cougar.

Photo credit: a4gpa flickr photostream
Provo trail in Autumn

The weather in Provo was a perfect balance of sunny warmth with a crisp Autumn nip.

The fall colors in Provo are spectacular right now: a natural variegated spectrum ranging from deep green to canary yellow to cranberry red and many hues in between.

Stayed at Justin and Amy's. Look at this fun pillow. You know sleeping in that bed is going to be great.

Outside the Apple store where we drooled over the new MacBook Pro

Dick's Sporting Goods in The Gateway is having a killer sale. Check it out. Their winter coats (Spyder, Columbia, etc) are good deals...for both children and adults.

We got this coat for Sean. (He's living in PROVO now!) It was listed for $250. We paid $100.

Taking a break from shopping at the Gateway.

Two of my favorite things

This dude was making a video for You Tube

Creamery on 9th about 20 steps from Sean's dorm. We dropped in for a "little loaf" of bread and milk on the way to the soccer game.

Price of milk: $1.05

Price of water: $1.09

Photo credit: Josh Sudweeks
We walked around the beautiful campus. Sean provided delightful commentary along with interesting tidbits about the buildings.

Photo credit: Josh Sudweeks
BYU Harold B. Lee library consistently ranks in the top 10 in the country. It has been ranked #1 in the Princeton Review above Harvard, Princeton and Yale.

Photo credit: Josh Sudweeks
Joseph F. Smith Building

Enjoying a little soccer at the Mountain West Title championship game.
I'm holding Sean's new coat. It works well.

Photo credit: BYU
BYU Women's soccer game

Photo credit: BYU
It was so fun to watch Katie Larkin. She led the Cougars to a 3-0 game, making them the champions in the Mountain West Conference.

Enjoyed a delicious meal at Zupas

Salad so fresh! I'm nuts about berries.

Sean's dorm

Quite a site to see the flocks of students walking to church

Outside the Conference Center after church

Content to be in Sean's shadow.

Thanks for a fabulous weekend, Sean!!
And thanks to the Anderton's and Drawe's for feeding my children left behind.
There is much good in the world.


Albertson Family said...

sean we are so proud of you.....Thanks for keeping us updated with fam news and stuff.

LGH said...

Jenni, loved this blog and all those fun, fun pictures.


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