Get 'em While They Last

The economy has had the nerve to infringe upon cookie production. No, no..not sweet innocent cookies. If you love Mother's Circus Animal Cookies, buy a bag or two. And grab a tissue. The pink and white chemically-laden, saccharinely-sweet, frosted unidentified animals have met their untimely demise. After 91 years, the company has ceased production.

Bye, bye cookie that brings back childhood memories.


Greg and Heather said...

How can you get rid of Mother's Circus Cookies?! I just bought a bag of Halloween cookies for my kids the other day. OH NO!

In other news, I was just commenting on Leslie's blog, and she had a request for a certain Potato Pepper-jack Soup that I made for her after you kindly made it for me after Ellie was born.

It really is an awesome recipe & I have to say THANK YOU! for making it for me! (I think I know what I will be making this afternoon!)

LGH said...

I want that recipe for potato pepper jack soup...can you put it on your awesome blog?


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