Here are a few things I have made recently, all for Young Women's activities.

fingernail polish bites: marshmallows and tootsie rolls

High top Ked shoe key ring

jar label for tootsie rolls

tootsie pop reminders for New Beginnings

1. Refreshments for Spa-aaah night where we painted toe nails and made decorations for New Beginnings

2. Birthday gift for each girl... a canvas tennis shoe key ring purchased here. I made a medallion in photoshop sporting this years' theme: Stand in Holy Places. Cut it out with a 1 1/2" circle punch, laminated it and attached it with a jump ring. Packaged in cellophane bag with a label, and sealed closed with washi tape.

3. Label for jar filled with Tootsie Rolls for New Beginnings

4. Tootsie pops given to girls on Sunday to remind them about New Beginnings. Lollipop wrapped in coffee filter, tied with baker's twine and cardstock label.

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