Wedding Wednesday: Gifts Part III

This is the last installment of a three-part series on gifts given to Daisy and Jared for their wedding celebration. You can read about the other gifts given in Part I here and Part II here.

These last gifts were amazing and generous.  And each came from people very dear to D&J.

Daisy met T&B when they volunteered to be host parents for Daisy when she was in the Junior Miss pageant in Salt Lake City. Daisy has kept in touch with them. In fact, T&B became like another set of grandparents to Daisy. As a wedding gift, they gave Daisy and Jared 7 nights in the honeymoon suite of the luxurious Marriott Ko Olina Resort on the beach of Ohau, Hawaii.

view from D&J's hotel

Jared's best man, CI, donated the table and chiavari chairs for the reception as a wedding gift to the couple.

And finally, Daisy's co-worker,L& J, allowed us to have the reception in their beautiful backyard.

 We are so touched and grateful for the goodness of people and for such good, good friends.

Thanks to all!!

Ms. Fish

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Next week Wedding Wednesday: Decorations

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LGH said...

Jenni, this was way TOOOOOOOO short. I love all the pictures and writings, so this just left me wanting more!

But, yes, people are so very good...and these you mentioned are truly incredible.


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