Wedding Wednesday: Gifts Part I (Photography)

Christmas is so close I can smell it... that unmistakable whiff of generosity. So naturally, my thoughts have turned to giving this week.

That's one of the best parts of the Christmas season, isn't it?

Turns out, it was the same with our wedding.  

There were lots of {wonderful} gifts given. So many, in fact, it will take up the next three Wedding Wednesdays to talk about. That's how big the gift giving was! It's quite amazing really.... so many warm fuzzies....I could have made a quilt with them.

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Today's post is about ONE singular gift. It is a biggie ---the first, and arguably one of the most generous.


I'm talking about our photographer's gift of time: giving his...and freezing ours.

Along with his gift of talent, skill, patience, and art.

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We'll get to the actual wedding photos in the near future. But first, the before shots.

The engagement period is an important part of a couple's life as they transition from a casual couple to becoming more emotionally intimate with one another. It is significant to document this period, with photographs.

In September, Daisy and Jared squeezed in a quick trip to Provo, where Justin Hackworth lives, for their engagement pics.

Even though Justin lives in Provo, no problem! He is a world-wide traveler, and will go anywhere for his clients. He rolled into town the day before our reception, so Jared and Daisy fit in a quick photo shoot at the SunRiver golf course just as the sun drooped into evening. 

They took full advantage of the large grassy hill and clear sunny skies.

I can't say enough good about Justin's charm -- both as a professional and as a person. A simple search on Google will produce a bucket full of fun about him. But don't just take my word or Google's word for it.

Witness more of his work here.. Better yet, hire him and experience his magic for yourself!!

Thank you Justin (and Amy)!

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Have a very merry gift-giving, picture-taking Christmas!!

Ms. Fish

PS: Speaking of love and gifts, here is a little gift for you. Treat yourself to some romantic Christmas R&B here.

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Next Wedding Wednesday: Gifts Part II (Heart and Heritage)

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LGH said...

WOW, really awesome shots. however, he was working with a mighty good-looking bride and groom!


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