Fun Friday: Music + FREE Christmas Posters

When I was younger, I rarely paid attention to the words of the songs I listened to.

Maybe that is because I was listening to songs with lyrics like this:

There were plants
And birds
And rocks
And things


Then Jeremy changed that. 

========== * ===========

Sometimes when my family gets together to make music, my brother Jeremy will point out lyrics that he loves. Like this stanza from The Girl in the War

Her eyes are like champagne
They sparkle, bubble over
          -Josh Ritter

So I started paying closer attention to lyrics (which made me realize maybe it was a good thing I didn't pay attention as a teen! haha).

This conscious listening has opened up a whole new world.

Now I love songs with beautiful poetry even it is doesn't have the catchiest melodic tune. Lucky for all of us, some songs have both......

Like this song by Mindy Gledhill and this song by Jack Johnson; both artists I adore. Each song has a phrase I loved so much that I designed Christmas posters around them.

Below are the phrases. They roll off the tongue so wonderfully. Both use alliteration, great imagery, and represent simple beauty:

Cider simmers on the stove
Reading Dickens by the glow
'Neath the winter moon
         - Mindy Gledhill

So much peace
in their pitter-patter feet
          - Jack Johnson

The posters sit on a shelf in my home and it makes me happy happy to read these simple sweet messages every day.

christmas posters designed by ms fish: woodsy collection

========== * ============

I suppose your Christmas decorating is all done for this year. My readers... all six of you... are organized like that.

But, you know what Martha always says:

There's always more
room for decor.

(Ok.. maybe she's never said that, exactly.... )

Or there is always next year, right? If you would like these Christmas posters in your home too, I would love to share them. With YOU! Just email me (in Contact section) and I'll send you the PDF file.

All you have to do is get them printed. They are 12 x 12.  It cost me $6 for all three. I mounted them on foam cor. Or they could be framed, if you want fancy.

They are available in two colors schemes:



=========== * ============

Of course, I still love & appreciate songs like this : brilliant, not because of the lyrics, but for the talent and blend and voices and musicality. OH MY!!!

========== * ===========

Doesn't music make the season joyful?!


Ms Fish


Annette said...

Love the video!! Thanks for sharing.

LGH said...

WOW, Jenni, I really love these posters you designed.

Very creative indeed!

And, I love the blog post - you are a good writer.


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