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Whenever I think of Easter dinner, I think of my grandma's floral china, ham, fresh roasted asparagus, deviled eggs, strawberries, and lemonade.

Deviled eggs are my kid's FAVORITE. Actually, we started calling them ANGEL EGGS.... cuz they are really heavenly and don't have a devilish bone in their creamy sweet little bodies.

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Grilled asparagus is one of my all-time favorite dishes. It is so easy, yet fresh, flavorful, healthy. Simple goodness. It bespeaks Easter in a mouthful... sort of resurrects my tastebuds! (The recipe link is below. I alter the recipe slightly by seasoning with Mrs. Dash, plus Celtic Sea Crystals).

Roasted Asparagus. Recipe here.

Of course, what would spring holidays be without strawberries. Holy Easter Eggs! I LOVE, LOVE my Strawberry Spinach Salad!

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Or how about some Strawberry Lemonade Bars for dessert?

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If I invited you to my house for dinner this Sunday and asked you to bring your FAVORITE Easter dish, what would you bring?

Go ahead and share your ideas in the comments. My mouth is watering in anticipation!


Amie said...

I would bring ham with mustard sauce. It is my mom's recipe and I love it.

Janessa said...

Deviled Eggs. HANDS DOWN! :) How I do love my eggs! ;)

Ms. Fish said...

I'm kind of wanting to try Scandinavian flower eggs with sweet mustard dill sauce.


Macy said...

I love Sunday Easter brunch: a good cheesy quiche with chopped asparagus, hot cross buns, and strawberry smoothies.

Natasha said...

We are having ham and potatoes, all day yesterday while the ham was cooking I thought of Grandma. She always made a great ham for a number of occasions it seems.

Kimber said...

How about funeral Potatoes? Mmmmmm....or anything with cheese. How I miss cheese!!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and of COURSE you can send my post to Sean!


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