OUR Big Day

27 years ago in high school, my boyfriend and I promised each other we would get a doctorate degree.

Then we tripped out of love and went our separate ways and I haven't seen him since my sophomore year of college. But I've never forgotten that promise to him, and even more importantly, to MYSELF.

So in 2005, I started graduate school and have been mired in books and papers ever since. I'm now a little grayer and a little wiser with a much bigger vocabulary. And finally, in 10 days, I will officially be hooded at the commencement exercises at the University of Utah. I am so, so excited!!  Mostly because it is a great excuse to have all my family in one place. My brother is coming from Virginia, and another one from San Diego, and another one is coming from clear across Provo. Plus my parents are flying over from CHINA. Can you believe it??? That is some serious parental support. I bet you a package of pickled peppers that they will win the award for farthest traveled.  Gosh how I love my mom and dad, and all my fam.

Yes sir and ma'am. It's going to be a great, great day.

Here is the invite I designed. I hope it reflects my joy and the gratitude I feel for my family. This is OUR accomplishment, after all.

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