Ready to Rock n' Roll

Jordan Medical School Grad - University of Washington

My Master's Grad - University of Utah

Justin Bachelor's Grad - University of Utah

Jeremy Medical School Grad - University of St. Louis, MO

Kristi Medical School Grad - University of Utah

Got the camera charged, the fab four video finished, my party dress pressed, and finishing up the party favors. I'm ready to roll {insert three hundred smiley faces here}.

Tomorrow we head to Salt Lake City for a grand celebration. I am so excited to be with my family... we always have such a great time together -- laughing and talking (usually about cheese and bodily functions---but not necessarily cheese-induced bodily functions) and music. Always music.

We have a packed schedule planned: girl-time with facials, pedicures and shopping; graduation party;  the actual graduation and hooding ceremony, followed by dinner at Trio's; hopefully a stop at Communal; hiking and the season's first Rooftop Concert in Provo. That's a concert (free) on a rooftop. Under the stars. With blankies and loved ones. And hopefully some popcorn and a red cream soda. Topped off with the biggest family sleepover we've had in years.

We're off to see the Wizard. I'll see you on the other side of the curtain!
Keep swimming and give a little cheer for me,
Ms Fish

What kinds of things do you do at family get-togethers?


LoriPhdinme said...

Who is the most tenacious Fish I know Who is able to swim upstream with a single fin Who can blog while she slogs her way to the capping capitulation of the terms necessary to be a PhD...woot woot...it is the Fish known as Jenni. SOOOOOO proud of my friend, Jen. I so wish I could be there in person to give you a rousing Annie O yippeekyokiayyyyyyyyy. Good luck on your grad day

kelli said...



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