A Ceiling of Birds

Every year around this time, the telephone wires along our main local thoroughfare become a temporary resting place for bunches of black birds. It is always a bit unnerving to see so many birds in one place. Though I'm sure the only reason I think that is thanks to Alfred Hitchcock.

But yesterday.... oh yesterday there was NOTHING uncomfortable about it. In fact, these birds put on one of the most incredible, and magnificent spectacles I have ever seen. In fact, I can't get it out of my mind.

Turns out, our local highway also became the preferred route for a whole city of birds making their way south.

About 7:00 am, I was driving to work along SR 9, when the sky suddenly darkened above me. I looked up to see that I was directly beneath hundreds of black birds who formed a ceiling as wide as my car. The birds stayed directly above me for at least 200 yards like a giant stripe painted in the sky to show the way. The swath of birds swayed back and forth horizontally in a gentle wave as if they were attached to a ribbon held between two (very large) people. Though the entire band seemingly moved as a singular unit, it was also fun to notice the individual tiny birds flapping their wings wildly.

After several minutes, the canopy of birds above me ended. But another aggregate of birds were flocking off to my left. This longer strip continued for miles.

I was awestruck. This must be similar to watching the return of the monarch butterflies to Mexico.

The picture below is the tail end of the bunch as they were starting to thin out. Unfortunately, I was so taken with the scene, that I didn't think about pulling out my phone camera until it was nearly too late.  I took this in my moving car, so it is difficult to make-out the birds. But if you look closely, and use a childlike imagination, you can discern a faint black line above the two telephone wires. That represents hundreds of tiny birds headed for home.

Did anyone else see this? Or have you ever seen anything similar?

photo by Ms Fish

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LGH said...

This would have been so cool to see...and, no, I haven't seen something lie this with so many birds!


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