Wedding Wednesday: Style

Welcome back to another installment of Wedding Wednesday!

Last week, I talked about our wedding theme which had to do with B's and Bee's. Today, let's talk about style.

There are lots of wedding styles to choose from such as: vintage, modern, beach, classic, rustic. Sometimes a bride has a clear cut idea of what she wants the overall look and feel to be. Other brides might struggle to commit to one particular style.

The vintage style (in weddings and photography) has been very popular. It is easy to see why that has such appeal because getting decorations from Grandma, the attic or garage sales can be fun and fairly inexpensive. It is an eclectic style that is very forgiving if using a random collection of things.

However, Janessa did not want vintage, not only to buck the trend, but also because it just simply doesn't reflect her own sense of style and taste. She wanted clean lines: a modern, contemporary look. Her criteria was..... simple, elegant and timeless. This guided all of our decisions from the type of candles and votive holders to the paper products to the invitations to the centerpieces to the clothing for the bridal party.

Here is one example of how we used style to guide us. Some of our decorations were giant 36" balloons, which are classic and simple with a touch of fun. Shown below are two ways to use the balloons. Both are darling. But to keep things clean, in keeping with the style, we used a single strand of fishing line without any fluff n' stuff (ribbons, tinsel, glitter, etc). By the way, we rented a helium tank and had it on-site for blowing up the balloons.

Image credit

Image Credit

Another element of style...

Although the wedding was in the fall, and her color was orange, Janessa wanted her reception to be a classy party that just happened to be in the Fall. She did not want it to look like Halloween or fall back (haha...pun intended) on using autumn as a decorating crutch. (So...no pumpkins, leaves, berries, branches, etc.)

There were two things that really helped us pull this off. The first is we scored some great furniture for a conversation pit. Janessa was trying out our brand new KRAVE yogurt store and they just happened to have orange leather couches as part of their decor. Amazeballs!!


We really did.

We asked.

Lucky for us....the store owner had an extra ORANGE couch just hanging around in his garage (serious!) and he let us borrow it for the reception. So, so nice of him :)

We also purchased a simple, modern table from IKEA and borrowed two sleek white chairs from my cousin's sister to complete the look. I think these pieces really helped project a modern vibe.

The second thing that helped was to keep the decor scant and uncluttered.

Oh, and as few bows as possible.

Do you think having an overall style is important? What is your favorite style for a wedding?

What was the style of this great wedding?

Thanks for dropping by.

Lots of love,
Ms Fish

PS: Actual examples (photos) from the wedding will be posted as soon as we get them from our photographer. Coming soon.....


Next week Wedding Wednesday: The Dress


Perfectly round giant balloons purchased here
Orange couch found here
White coffee table purchased here


LGH said...

I loved the style. And, I think you were totally able to achieve the simple, elegant look you both wanted. The ballooons were awesome. The orange couch was genius...truly....You could be a wedding planner.

PS...there was no hint of Halloween to be found anywhere!

Kit Gana said...

Really love this concept..Thank you for giving us an idea..

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Ms. Fish said...

Thank you LGH. The orange couch was genius. I give Janessa all the credit for that great find!

Thanks for stopping by Kit :)


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