Wedding Wednesday: Theme

Last week, I talked about the importance of organization to make things easier when planning a wedding. Of course, that really is a no-brainer.

But another crucial element, at least for me, is to nail down a specific STYLE and THEME. Both of these:

1. Make planning and execution easier
2. Help triage decisions. Narrow the field.
3. Gives an outlet / excuse for refusing ideas from outside sources you aren't really excited to embrace: "Yes, that bleeding armadillo groom's cake would be unique, but it just doesn't go with our theme...."

Most people have a certain style for their wedding or party, such as shabby chic, vintage, urban, romantic, etc. But people don't often have a theme.

What's the difference? Glad you asked. Let's do some parsing....because the theme and style are two very different components and serve two different purposes.

1. Emotes a certain feeling. Affects how people react and respond (both consciously and subconsciously)
2. Reflects your personality
3. Answers the question HOW and WHAT do you want people to feel when they walk into the event

The THEME, on the other hand:
1. Showcases deliberation and purpose
2. Justifies the style
3. Creates a sense of cohesion, organization and well-thought out planning
4. Reflects priorities
5. Increases personalization of the event
5. Answers the question WHY do you want people to feel what they will at the event

Whenever I plan a big event, I think creating a theme is important. For me and my taste, I like the results it produces.


For Jared and Janessa's wedding, we hashed around different ideas for a theme, taking into consideration their life as college students, their talents and hobbies, their interests, etc. Eventually, we settled on something that had great significance to both of them AND, importantly, provided lots of options for creativity.

It was all about the B.

We chose this for two reasons. The first one is obvious! Jared’s last name starts with a B.
The second reason is that Jared’s dad is a beekeeper and harvests his own honey. How's that for sweet?

(Embarrassing side note: at the wedding luncheon, I was explaining our theme and favor, and said that "the groom's father has hives." My kids just burst out laughing. Oops. No, he doesn't have a rash! (just a rash of beehives). Sorry about that faux pas, Don).


The BEE theme gave us a great scaffolding to work with. There were lots of references to bees in our invitations, logo, signage, decorations, and even little finishing touch details. (Photos to come as we work through each element of the wedding every Wednesday.)

First of all, I designed a honeycomb pattern in Photoshop (below) which became the basis for everything. It showed up on the address labels, invitations, favor labels, and reception decor.

Band used around invitation suite

Ombre roses and ranunculus arranged by Ms Fish and Jen Jensen

honeycomb band around rose flower boxes

The hexagon shape showed up in the table easels / stands for our signage and a quilt. Even the honey jars were hexagon shaped.

The bee theme was so fun and meaningful. Bees are really amazing, industrious little guys that give us some of the most amazing food on earth. Did you know honey is the only food product that will never spoil? Except maybe Twinkies. (Sad to see Hostess spoil, though their Twinkies never will :)

The hard working bee is a great symbol for Jared and Janessa's new life together, which will be sweet. And even sticky sometimes. It will require the industry and hard work of a bee. But their goal is to make it B forever!

Don, the groom's father, generously donated honey, and we gifted each of our wedding guests with a jar of golden nectar as our way of saying THANKS for spending the day with us!

And for the kids who didn't want a jar of honey, we gave them these adorable honey pot lollipops.

 Well...that's about it for the THEME. Thanks for stopping by! And Happy Thanksgiving.

Lots of love, 
Ms Fish

Up next Wedding Wednesday: Color and Style


Hexagon Jars found here. 0.62 each
Custom labels printed here
Custom 3 x 3 square cards printed here
Honey Jar Lollipops found here
Square wooden flower box purchased here
Rectangle wooden flower box custom made by Mr. Fish
Honeycomb flower box bands printed here
Honey donated by Don Behunin. He has fresh, organic honey for sale. Contact me, if interested.
Read a wonderful talk about bees and good causes here.

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