Keeping up with Canon

Do you ever wish for things? I am pretty content with our small home and leaky, noisy, vibrating old vehicles. But I must admit I covet a new camera...an SLR...nothing fancy, just a Canon Rebel or Nikon D5000. And speaking of wishes, I would also like instant knowledge of Photoshop. And a couple of cool lenses. Oh, and I'll need a cool camera bag to pack it all around in and a few memory cards. And then of course, sporting my cool new camera will make me want to take a trip to somewhere beautiful to try it out like England or New Zealand.

Simple wants for a simple gal.

And believe me, I am wanting all of this out of pure unselfishness. When you see these pictures below, you will understand.

The desire for a good camera is really out of respect for my children. So I can capture their fascinating and busy lives with photos we all can be proud of. Oh sure, good photos sorta depend on the skill of the photographer and knowing what you are doing...yada, yada, yada. But you can't expect to get a smooth fast ride from a Chevy Chevette.

Sigh. Someday.

Meanwhile, here is Janessa on the night of Prom (Saturday, 4.18.09). Her dress fit like a set of custom-made automobile seat covers (speaking of battered cars...).

Here are the specs:
Day date: Jumpin' Jacks,and playing tag with glow sticks in the dark recesses of a rocky cave.
Dinner: Filet Mignon - served by parents. (Yes, we are good for something!)
Dance: Springdale Community Center
Date: Fernando Sephita
Dress: Yummy chocolate brown with dusty rose sash
Hair: Janessa
Make-up: Debbie Leavitt
Fun factor: High
Favorite saying from Fernando: "Are you ready to roll?"

Oh...and a video camera would be nice!

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