Let's hear it for the teens!

Dixie Leadership Academy is comprised of a group teens from area high schools selected from a rigorous application and interview process. The members are impressive. And today they impressed me even more....to the point of chills and tears.

Being part of Leadership Academy includes doing a service project. Today the students presented their service projects. The work, energy, enthusiasm and accomplishments of the kids were amazing.

For example, the group from Dixie High School beautified and cleaned a local home for children of Meth users. The teens trimmed trees, planted flowers and beautified the grounds. They installed automatic sprinklers, and laid sod (all of which was donated) for an outside play area. Inside they painted the rooms. High school art students donated artwork for the bedrooms and painted a large mural on one wall. They fixed broken fixtures and plumbing.

Hurricane High Students are putting on a benefit concert for a local family whose mother was just dx with end-stage cancer. The family's husband is out of work and they are without insurance. The mother has at best 3 months to live. All proceeds from the concert, which will include performances from area talent, will be given to the family.

Pine View HS students are doing this.

Each service project was developed and executed by the kids. Each involved rallying community participation. Each provided selfless acts of kindness.

Although there are many adolescent knuckleheads, may I suggest that there are so many decent, honorable teen-agers who are making the world a better place and in whose hands I feel great peace and hope for our future!

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LGH said...

very inspiring indeed. And, I agree,there are many who make a difference.


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