Triple Joy

Things often come in threes. Here is my triple joy for the week!

1. Sean comes home from college tomorrow. This calls for a quadruple exclamation point. Like this !!!!

And I get to go pick him up - this means 4.5 hours of uninterrupted mother-son, meaning of life, holy cow you finished a year of college and didn't cost us one cent, how is your health, are you scared for your mission kind of talk.

2. I am 18 pages closer to finishing my thesis!

3. Janessa and 4 of her friends organized a benefit concert for a local family who has no job or insurance and whose mother / wife has terminal cancer with only weeks to live. They have kids ages 11, 14, 17.

Facing an audience of over 600, high school kids performed. Some to the amazement of their parents. LOL. Some were scared to death (kids and parents). That was part of the beauty of the night. Not the fear, but the choice of philanthropy above egocentricity.

At the end of the concert, Janessa announced the total generous contributions: $7,000 plus more that came in sealed envelopes. And in case you forgot, it's a stinking economy!

Since I was at the door taking money, I was privy to see the donations come in. Here are two tender ones:

A local family had a teen-ager killed not long ago in a four-wheeler accident. The parents attended and donated a LARGE sum of money.

A mother brought in a check of hundreds (more than neuve) of dollars donated by her handicapped son, telling us, "my son really wanted to contribute this to the family."

Now go and do some good! And hug your loved ones!

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Mrs. Olsen said...

That is awesome. On a sidenote, I happened across your dad's site and watched a hi-larious video of your kids singing John Denver and drinking sweat. I was in a Hackworth deja vu big time. Keep it up!


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