To Boyle a Nation

If you have lungs which expand on a daily basis, you know of Susan Boyle, one of the most boyle-ing hot You-Tube sensations in the history of internet video. Her performance has pulled me away from writing a research paper more than once. Ok, more than cinco.

So, what is the allure?

Why did her performance move me to tears? Why has her you-tube video received over 45 million views. 45 million! A big number. Just slightly more than the number of people who came to my wedding. So, why is the world so emboyled in her story?

For me, it boyles down to a couple of reasons:

Boyle-ing Point #1:
She is a living paradox. Talent trumps age. Confidence trumps cockiness.
And the biggest paradox of all is that it is not she who is ugly, as some media have claimed. The ugliness was the initial reaction to her. The way Susan stood, resolutely and unflustered, while listening to the sneers & jeers of the audience and judges made me love her all the more! Her inner resolve defines her outer beauty.

Boyle-ing Point #2:
Her story resonates with hope of acceptance for each one of us. As I watch the world embrace her, hope is rekindled that man is still kind. And mankind is still human - in it's ability to recognize and reward goodness, authenticity, sincerity and humility. Sometimes it seems that those traits have become as valueless as our current 401K's.

Parting thought: I just hope that her innocence and beauty are not boyle-d away by the destructive effects of fame and fortune. And that she is not take advantage of. But for sure: she deserves her song to be heard!

Enjoy some Twitter-talk about Susan. Taken from Tom Morris of The Huffington Post.

Susan Boyle: The picture of courage. Immense self-possession. Perfect Centerdness. Inner beauty. And a spirit of fun.

Susan Boyle: My definition of actualizing potential by allowing the energy of the universe to flow through you.

Susan Boyle: One small person amazing, inspiring, and energizing the world.

Susan Boyle: The Imponderable, Improbable, even Impossible Dream empowering us all to reach and achieve.

Susan Boyle: Her wondrous spirit washed over that hall in a flash, enveloping everyone, lifting them up, and filling their hearts.

Susan Boyle: One moment. One person. One act of open surrender to what's truly possible.

Susan Boyle: The power to change a face. The power to melt a heart. The power to cover the earth with belief. From one small village.

Susan Boyle: The immense, incalculable power of inner vision, humility, persistence, and play.

Susan Boyle: Our living lesson that when life provides a stage, sing your heart out, and prepare to be blessed!

Two reminders of hope: Captain Sully lands a plane, and Susan Boyle takes off with a career - equally improbably, and both truly great.


Nat said...

I can't stop watching it! And each time I do, I get teary. I showed it to my 10 year old son...there are many lessons to be learned in that 7 minute clip.

LoriPhdinme said...

The beauty of a gift is not in the wrapping. It is the pure gesture of the act of giving. Susan Boyle gave a gift of herself. Unfortunately, the audience judged the gift before it was opened. How often, I wonder, might have I done likewise


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