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If you live in a kitchen the size of a portapotty and space is precious, then you might appreciate this. I love the sleek design and clever use of space.
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Have you ever been so hungry that you think to yourself: "gee...I am going to bite into a picture frame if I don't get a chicken sandwich this instant!" Here is a solution. And you won't get slivers. This tasty frame can be hung on your kitchen wall or laid on the counter. You can grow aromatic plants such as basil, chive, coriander and mint.

Perfect for framing a photo of that certain someone who deserves to be encircled with weedy aromatic stalks of edible growths.

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Are you upset about having to bathe indoors and just can't get over having to step out onto a clean floor? Then lookie here. Why not try to recreate an outdoor earthy feel in the privacy of your own domicile?

Introducing a revolutionary MOSS mat made of imputrescible foam called plastazote. Each cell grows one of three different moss varieties (ball, island, and forest moss). Growth is sustained by the bathroom humidity and water dripping from your swamp-lovin' body.

BTW: Imputrescible means not able to decompose.

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Nat said...

Oh my goodness ... Too funny. The bath mat really, really grosses me out. I could just envision some little critters making a nice home in that damp, alive, carpet. And it "slooshing" and every time you step on it.

LoriPhdinme said...

Hmmm...somehow the thought of moss between my toes post bathing just doesn't strike my sanitary fancy

Mrs. Olsen said...

Oh wow. In some ways it's a bit gross....but I am loving that moss mat. I want one!


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