Virginia - The Conclusion: Part IV

The last leg of our vacation was spent hanging out with Kristi, Jorda, Janna, their kids (Lucy, Anna, Oliver and Imogen).

On July 4, we went to Monticello and watched a naturalization ceremony (highly recommended independence day activity…so cool!).

We returned home to a barbecue feast prepared by Janna & Jordan consisting of grilled zucchini and corn, grilled meat, and mashed potatoes. We finished with a patriotric cream cheese and crème fraiche tart that would have made Betsy Ross weep.

And the fireworks show was the best I’ve seen.

Sunday, we attended a southern Baptist church (“if you are wearing a skirt and feel a breeze and there ain’t no wind a’blowin’, your skirt is too short.” “If your pretty girlfriend doesn’t want to come to church wi’you, then you find yourself an ugly girl and come to Jesus.”).

We toured the campus of University of Virginia (started by Thomas Jefferson), went swimming, ate at some great places downtown, and enjoyed the uncharacteristically pleasant summer Virginian air with gelato.

I end this long report right back where we started: RUNNING. When our plane landed in Vegas, we had 10 minutes to find the last shuttle of the night going to St. George. We hurried. We weaved in and out of people at a full gallop.

We made it, preventing us from having to spend the night in the airport.

And after one week of fabulous family, food and fun, I collapsed into my own bed and smiled. And that can only mean one thing. It was good.

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Mrs. Olsen said...

Ah...Monticello, naturalization ceremonies, red-white-blue desserts, and family sound like the best Independence Day ever. Good to see pics of your sis since I never see her :(


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