Eclairs Baby!

I made Natalie's cream puffs. She INSPIRED me!!
Easy breezy! And nummy yummy!

Hardest thing about the whole project was heating up my oven in our 109 degree heat wave.

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Nat said...

They look fantastic! I hope your husband liked them. (And thanks for the link-up :) I have enjoyed reading about your trip back east. What fun! Washington D.C. is one of the places that I really, really want to visit. Bad. It's fun to see pictures of Kristi...she looks GREAT! But that's pretty easy when you're a Hackworth gal!
P.S. I have tried twice in the last little while to comment on this post, but it just hasn't let me. SO, if lots of comments from me start coming in, I'm not stalking you OR your cream puffs...I promise. Although, I could really use one right about now. The pictures are fabulous!


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