While You are Away, Let the Blog Play

So...I took a vacation. In honor of America's birthday, I traversed across her entire landmass. And although my blog deserved to experience the sticky heat in Virginia, it had to wait for my return. Because I left my precious MAC behind.

But that didn't stop me from blogging.

All you savvy super cool bloggers probably already know how to set up automatic posts. But just in case you don't, here is a cool little trick enabling you to schedule a posting sometime in the future (if you use Blogger).

Step One: (To be completed after you write the post)

Step Two:

Step Three: Click PUBLISH POST
Step Four: Check under the EDIT POST tab. You should see the name of the blog entry and the date it is scheduled to post.

Voilah! Simple huh? It's as easy as being in Washington DC on the Fourth of July!!

**Postnote: There has been a recently recognized problem with Blogger and scheduled posts. They are working on it as quickly as possible to remedy the problem. If your scheduled post doesn't work, don't give up. And don't swear at me. Just keep trying.

1 comment:

Nat said...

I got a MAC two weeks ago ... I LOVE it more than my dishwasher!


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