I have never been interested in polygymy.

Until now.

Somewhere between Spago and Luis Vutton, intoxicated by the glitz and glamour of C's Palace, I fell under his spell. My actions are not justified but they are understandable. Afterall, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is a Genius. His fruity titillations proved irresistible and....

I invited him home with me.

His name is Jean Francois: JF for short. He's French. And he knows all about photos and archiving and shortcuts and command keys and space-bar tricks. During our conversation, my head was spinning with possibilities.

The respectable part in all of this is that I came clean and admitted it to Mr. Fish. About my invitation. To Mr. Fish's credit, he just laughed and agreed that having a Genius around would be handy. I think Mr. Fish is also secretly tempted by the Apple.

In the end, the Genius declined my invitation. Rude.

However, once I left the magnetic forcefield of Steve Jobs' behemoth, I came to my senses and decided that Mr. Fish and I are perfect. Just the two of us.

Well....the two of us plus Snow Leopard.

1 comment:

lovely lady lessy. said...

And the love affair begins.
Seriously, I love the Snow Leopard OS.


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