Trouble with Comments

Dear Readers,
Some of you have told me you couldn't comment on this blog. And I've fussed and fidgeted and still can't solve the problem. So I've resorted to adding a non-Blogger comment form (see below in the turquoise box). A nice feature of this comment widget is that you can comment on other people's comments. It's like Facebook in a blog!

Would some brave soul try it out? (Lols...I'm hoping this means you) I am anxious to know if it works. Thanks so much. And thanks for swimming by. It is always great to hear from you.

Have a great week!
-Ms. Fish


LGH said...

Well, I'm glad that we can make comments once again, like, hi, how are you...love your column.

LGH said...

PS, the only way I can get the comments to post are to hit the POST COMMENT box once, then again when it says it can't be posted or whatever it says.


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