I'm saying this next sentence in hushed tones. Just so I won't really hear it very well. In five lightning speed days I'll be back in school. And back to work as a teaching assistant. This means endless hours on the computer typing, researching, crying, reading, thinking and headaching (not necessarily in that order). When that rigamarole begins, I will have little time for blogurfing. Or surflogging. Yes I just made those words up, but I'm sure you get the idear.

My friend Heide hates blogs. And in a yoga - s  t  r  e  t  c  h  i  n  g sort of way, I can see her point. But I admit. I gain great strength and inspiration from them. And find out about important family news (such as my third great great cousin twice removed just got a Wii for Christmas).

People are so marvelous. And marvelously creative.

Their sharing feeds my deep well of senses. I read those things that make me want to be a better person. So for now, before my life is sucked into zombie land (in 5 short days...did I mention?), I have had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my blog favs.

One of them is the The Tiffany Window, written by Tiffany Gee, a popular columnist for Meridian Magazine (and luckily...also happens to be my cousin!). She is a wonderful, dedicated and creative mother and writer. And she comes from a one-of-a-kind family...with all the talent of the Osmonds, the glamour and beauty of the Kennedy's, and the closeness of the Ingalls. Tiffany muses about raising four boys and is every bit as insightful and eloquent as C Jane, but without the narcissistic distractions.

                                       Photo from: The Tiffany Window

Another simple, yet inspiring blog on the beauty of life can be found here.

In 5 days....maybe it's down to four now this post is so long....I will no longer fully partake of all the blogging world has to offer. Until I have another break in May.

It's all because of the New Year's Resolution I came up with while registering for school today: to graduate with a doctorate degree by year's end.

Speaking of resolutions...I may as well share my other more important one: to make breakfast for my kids before school. At least twice. (I realize this is an outrageously high standard...but I'm almost going to be a doctor. It's time to push myself). And when the breakfast miracle happens, you can be sure, I'll blog about it!

PS: Look for my new upcoming book entitled: How to Make New Year's Resolutions Which Were Going to Happen Anyway and Make It Seem As Though You are a Brilliantly Ambitious Accomplishee. Also look for my companion title: How To Make Up Any Word You Want. 


LGH said...

Loved this blog..loved your new words, very creative. And, I totally agree with you about TIffany's amazing, inspiring blog, as well as Natalie's. Both are great.

Nat said...

First, I love your new blog banner. It is so you. (I say this like I know you personally, which I really don't, but feel like I do...)
Second, thanks for the link up. It made me feel really, really good.
Third, I think you are amazing for pursuing this degree. And for having the smarts to be able to do it.
Fourth, I have the same desire to cook breakfast for my family in the morning. I don't love breakfast and because of this, my family suffers. Cold cereal is what we mostly do. And toast and juice. This is a source of HUGE guilt in my life as a mother and wife.
Fifth, You guys really know how to party it up in the snow. Those are some pretty-darn-awesome pictures of you and your family in the tree-studded white stuff.
And sixth, if I am ever driving through Southern Utah, I may just have to stop and say hello and give you a hug.
You are awesome. Thanks for inspiring me. Good luck with school!!

Mrs. Olsen said...

What!? "I decided to become a doctor this year". Who are you people? Will miss your posts and best of luck.

Greg and Heather said...

I look forward to reading your up and coming books :) but will miss the regular blog posts :( Good luck in school, and thanks for always brightening my day with your blog!


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