Wedding Wednesday: Dilemma

Missy had a good point. What is the back story to this wedding?

Janessa met Jared when we moved to Hurricane Ut in 2005. Jared lives right across the street. They dated before his mission and then when he got home and Janessa was single again, they rejuvenated their old friendship which turned into a forest fire of hot burning love.

We just got word that a storm is coming. Next week, right around say..... THE DAY OF THE RECEPTION.  Temperatures are going to drop, clouds are going to roll in and the winds are going to start howling.

What should we do? Should we risk it and still try to have the reception outside. Or just play it safe and move it right now to an inside venue, which is the church, which is something we all are vehemently opposed to around here.

Everything about the reception is planned for the great out of doors. For example: candles. Lots of candles. Not to mention the fact that 15 out of every 16 people have said they couldn't come. So it's all a bit discouraging right now. It seems like I can already see lots of planning and hard work sort of slipping down the tubes.


LGH said...

It will all be so great, Jenni.....you've worked hard and it's going to be fantastic, no matter what the venue.

All your hard work will not be for naught!

Missy B. said...

Thanks for the clarification, Jenni! I, too, am certain that this wedding is going to be fantastic. You know, I'm a little stubborn, so if it were me I would put my foot down on Mother Nature and say, "No! No storm today. This reception will be outside!" Long range forecast says 30% chance of rain at this point... yes, you might need a backup plan...


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