Fun Friday #1

I've succumbed to pressure. Someone has been nagging, begging, bugging, suggesting, and hoping that I would update this blog.

Being the health professional that I am... I want this someone to be healthy. I don't want to be held responsible for high blood pressure.

So...for the next several weeks, I will post every Wednesday. I am resurrecting 


which will be filled with fun wedding stuff.  Because that goes along with the fact that my mind, my time, my budget and my house are also full of wedding stuff. My front room and bedroom looks like David Tutera's nightmare.

Since I haven't been blogging about THE WEDDING all along, there are lots of details to catch up on. The first is that my daughter is getting married on October 27th. 

So I'm eating and breathing orange.

Orange you wanting to know more?

Check in on Wednesday for more buzz. Plus, you can get the inside scoop at my daughter's blog here.

And for Fun Friday today, enjoy a sneak peak of the bride and groom's logo:

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