Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

The invitations are getting out little by little. The bulk of them were mailed yesterday, and some are being hand-delivered.  Janessa and Jared, Camille and Jessica (Jared's mom and sister) did all of the assembling, sticking, licking, addressing and delivering.  Many, many thanks.

If you care about fonts, graphic design, quality photography, the feel of paper in your hand, etc., then you are the kind of person that pays special attention to an invitation. I love wedding invitations. It's like getting a little sneak peak at what to expect at the event.

Here at our wedding headquarters, we wanted the invitation to do just that. I spent a great deal of time creating an invitation suite that will (hopefully) send several messages:

1. The colors are orange. And orange. And orange.
2. If you are a vintage lover, you will be disappointed. (On the other hand, if you are vintage (old) and a lover, that's great. We love old lovers.)
3. The hexagon may crop up a time or two.
4. Ombre!
5. Fonts are fun.
6. Janessa and Jared are beautiful people.
7. There will be honey bunches of love.
8. Both traditional and non-traditional elements are holding hands and trying to get along together nicely. Tune in next Wednesday to find out more about this....

PS: You can read more about the invitations here.

1 comment:

LGH said...

Jenni, I loved this post. You probably spent as much time on fonts as some people spend on making the dress. But, the invites are so awesome. They are beautiful and CLASSY...you just have so many talents; you are incredible!


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