Wedding Wednesday: Tradition

Let's talk about the reception happening in just over 48 hours. We called this a GRAND CELEBRATION on the invitations. There will be both traditional and non-traditional elements.

1. The attire is formal: black tie for groomsmen, black dresses for the bridesmaids. Black is timeless, classy and elegant. The flair of color will come from the socks!

2. There will be a receiving line (consisting of the bride and groom only).

3. Typical guest book sign-in. It won't be just any guestbook though.... it is custom made and bound by the uber-cool and uber-talented Lisa Jones. The book is sure to be a lifetime treasure.

4. Food! Of course. My mouth is watering right now because it is going to B delicious.

5. Candles! Lots.

6. Fresh flowers: Janessa's bouquet will have a tropical feel with orchids, etc. Since she isn't getting married in Hawaii as originally planned, she is bringing a little piece of the tropics here.

7. Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new. Excited to reveal what these are at some future post.

1. Preception: Celebration BEFORE the wedding. Janessa wanted to do it this way, so she could really put the focus on the temple the day of the wedding. So far, it seems like a good idea. I am anxious to see how it turns out.

2. No garter toss

3. No bouquet toss

4. No wedding cake, no groom's cake

5. A LIVE concert. Seriously??? For one half hour, we will entertain our guests with the smooth vocal stylings of Leah Wilson. Because we LOVE live music and decided there is no better time to listen to live music than at the biggest celebration of the year with family and friends. We hope people will stay to listen.

6. Dancing: Sure this is traditional at most weddings. But our dancing will have a little twist! And we hope that people will twist with us... !!

Stay tuned next week for a recap... For now...I'm outta here.... a busy little bee....


Cannon's said...

Sounds awesome! Best wishes for a lovely day. Unsolicited advice: A friend of mine had a preception that turned out great.

Only problem: the photographer didnt really understand that they werent married yet and what their standards would be. The pressure to have a garter removal was awkward for them.

Almost positive your photog wont have this problem ;)

LGH said...

Jenni, you have worked SO hard to make this a very special, memorable event. I'm sure it will all turn out great.....Good luck the last few hours.


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