Who Needs Bacon & Eggs When You've Got Potato Chips

My mom and dad came home from England bearing gifts.........

Not T-shirts. Not a pressed leaf from William Wordsworth's house. Not a piece of art.

Da da dadeh da dah: Potato crisps!

Realize these were not just ANY ordinary salty run-of-the-mill-had-that-a-thousand-times type of chip. These were contest finalists!

Walker's hosted a chip flavor contest in the U.K. where citizens could submit flavor ideas, such as beef & onion, and prawn cocktail. The top flavors were chosen, mass produced and presented to the public for voting.

Here are the flavors my parents brought us:

Now I admit that I have been spoiled. I mean usually when I eat squirrel, it isn't weighted down with Cajun spice. And it has substance I can sink my teeth into. This crispy Cajun Squirrel left me wanting..............

to vomit.

Chili and Chocolate wasn't too bad. Made me want to try this recipe. The taste started out with a tiny tease of chocolate (with a healthy imagination). Then you get hit with a punch of spice. Followed by a cough reflex.

Worcester Sauce tasted like weeks' old Chex Party Mix. Without the chex and without the party.

Now Builder's Breakfast actually tasted like bacon and eggs. And sausage. And tomato sauce. Maybe a little squirrel. And bituminous and anthracite.

The other flavors we did not taste were Fish & Chips, Crispy Duck Hoison and Onion Bjahi.

Which one do you think won? I'll give you a hint: Heuvos.
Oh brother. Too Easy.

PS: Lest ye think this be our only taste of Europe, do not sorrow. As a consolation, mum and daddy also gave us Belgian chocolate. Oh baby....I have to go now. The chocolate is calling my name.

Simply cuz I now have a squirrely taste in my mouth that needs getting rid of.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


LGH said...

WOW, a whole new look! You must have a little time now that you have graduated. (Which I'm glad that you do have some time! You so deserve a little time)

Really enjoyed this take on potato chips...can you believe that people would even WANT these flavours?

LoriPhdinme said...

It just goes to show that people really will eat anything doesn't it?
I like your new cover photo. It makes you look so wise and pensive. Can't wait to have lunch next week.

Nat said...

LOVE the new look! Don't love the potato chip flavors. I almost wanted to vomit thinking about the squirrel...


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