Graduation PS

I very rudely and absent-mindedly forgot to mention that all of the photos in my graduation post were taken by my father. He does nice work!

Thanks Dad

And I also forgot to mention the exquisite Vera Wang crystal vase my parents brought back from Europe. I love it. Picture coming soon..... And thanks for their other generous gift(s)!

Thanks Mom and Dad

And I forgot to mention that my sweet husband so thoughtfully gifted me with a KINDLE. And thanks for all his behind the scenes help (and behind the scenes lovin'!!).

Thanks Babe

And I forgot to mention that my brother took some awesome pictures.

Thanks Justin

And I didn't even mention my sister-in-law coming. How sweet it was of her, especially in the midst of loose-teeth trauma. And she made us a gourmet breakfast on Saturday. Yummy!!

Thanks Amy

And gosh, thanks to my brother for flying in from San Diego! And spending the next day with us.

Thanks Jeremy

And I need to mention how great my kids were for missing two days of school and having to make-up end of level testing. And for their help at the luncheon and listening to my rants and raves about getting my paper done!

Thanks Sean, Janessa, Stockton and Landon.

And lastly, I need to thank Sean who rescued all the photos I accidentally (stil have no idea how it happend) deleted on my computer (TRAUMA!!!) and for staying up with me half the night to finish the DVD.

Thanks Sean

The blessing of family never ends.

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