lemon sea salt

my brother's girlfriend, a fabulous professional chef, told me the secret to good cooking

1. use more butter
2. use more salt

oh gosh. twist my arm. I love both.

its hard to improve on nature's products of salt and butter. but jaime oliver did. he added lemons to sea salt. i'm puckeroo-ing. which is a tricky combination of puckering and drooling at the same time.

wouldn't this make a nice wonderful mother's day gift for a cook? (kids...are you reading this? kids?)
or for someone who likes to eat? or for someone with normal blood pressure? or for someone who is a pepper snob and needs to become an equal opportunity condiment lover? or for someone who loves gimmicky overpriced designer food and can't simply grate lemon zest into their own salt? or for those who love cool packaging?

i gotta get me some!

ms fish music pick: lemon tree by fool's garden

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